Localhost Information Service Agent

LISA is a Java Web Start application that can be easily deployed on any platform and which provides :
  • Complete Monitoring of the System (Load, CPU, Memory, Disk, Disk IO, Paging, Processes, Network Traffic and Connectivity...);
  • A user Friendly GUI to present these parameters;
  • An ApMon agent to dynamically report the measured values into MonALISA services;
  • Filters to trigger actions when predefined conditions are detected;
  • Additional modules for End to End network measurements ( e.g. IPERF);
  • A discovery module for MonALISA services;
  • Optimization modules for distributed applications;

Start LISA
The VRVS client module provides:
  • Discovery of VRVS reflectors / MonALISA services.
  • A short list of services running in the same AS or peer networks.
  • A listener for other service attributes (e.g. number of connected clients ).
  • Continuously network monitoring tests with several selected services and provides the best one to be used from the client perspective.
  • If network conditions change and the quality is affected the module will inform the application to reconnect to the most appropriate one.

Start LISA with the VRVS module
  You can download from here the version of LISA that runs without GUI.